Understanding Preschoolers:
Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals

Gigi Schweikert

P/B • 72 Pages
ISBN 9781605541419

Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals

Preschoolers have amazing capabilities, and although they share many common characteristics—including an eagerness to learn, play, and explore—every child is unique and special. As you teach three- to five-year-olds, you acknowledge and celebrate individual strengths and skills, promote self-confidence, and encourage their love of learning. Use this workbook to see the world through a preschooler’s eyes so that you can better teach them. You will learn how to create a more preschooler-appropriate routine and program, respond to and guide children in effective ways, and develop a deeper appreciation of their unique personalities and temperaments. This is a great educational and training tool whether you are a veteran educator, new teacher, college student, or career seeker. You’ll learn fascinating facts, and you’ll be reminded of how important your job as an early childhood professional truly is.

Age focus: 3-5. Set of three softbound workbooks, each 72 pgs.

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Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals”