The Young Child and Mathematics 2nd Edition

Juanita V Copley

P/B • 176 Pages
ISBN 9781928896685

The Young Child and Mathematics focuses on children from age 3 to 8 and their mathematical learning. The author places the child at the centre of the process and shares with the reader her many years of experience including the insights she has gained both through her readings, observations of other teachers and experts, but most of all from the children she has taught.

A wealth of vignettes from classrooms, activity ideas, and strategies for teaching young children about maths processes and concepts reflect recent developments in maths education. The accompanying DVD includes both print and video resources of the author engaging young children in mathematical thinking and learning.

Copley emphasises throughout her book three importance lessons she has learnt. First, spend time observing and listening to children. Second, remember that every child is important. Third, encourage investigation and remember that children construct their own knowledge.

The Early Years Learning Framework outlines the educational practices of being responsive to children’s ideas and play. The role that observation plays in assessing, anticipating, extending children’s learning, and developing the ability to use spontaneous “teachable moments” to scaffold learning. This relates closely to the theme of the three important lessons of observation, valuing each child, and child directed learning that the author has emphasised throughout The Young Child and Mathematics. Intentional teaching is another practice outlined in The Early Years Learning Framework. Intentional teaching helps to promote children’s learning through challenging experiences that promote higher level thinking skills such as problem solving and reasoning. In her book Copley provides information on how to promote problem solving and reasoning skills in the teaching of mathematics.


Chapter 1: The Child Learns, the Child Teaches
Chapter 2: A Framework for Teaching Mathematics to Young Children
Chapter 3: Mathematics Processes in Early Childhood Curriculum; Introduction to the Mathematics Content Areas
Chapter 4: Number and Operations in the Early Childhood Curriculum
Chapter 5: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra in the Early Childhood Curriculum
Chapter 6: Geometry and Spatial Sense in the Early Childhood Curriculum
Chapter 7: Measurement in the Early Childhood Curriculum
Chapter 8: Data Analysis and Probability in Early Childhood Curriculum
Chapter 9: Questions and Some Answers
Appendix A: Using the Accompanying DVD
Appendix B: Learning Paths and Teaching Strategies

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