The Possibilities of Play

Jean Feldman, Carolyn Kisloski

P/B • 240 pages
ISBN 9780876599242

Imaginative learning centres for children ages 3-6

Thoughtfully created learning centers are bubbling with opportunities for active learning. Dr. Jean, beloved author of dozens of books and songs, and coauthor Carolyn Kisloski bring you a collection of practical ideas and tips to inspire engagement and spark learning in your classroom centers—and, importantly, keep children coming back for more. Children learn best through play. Discover how you can help them thrive in your learning centers. The Possibilities of Play brings expert tips for selecting and managing materials, facilitating explorations, and challenging children to: explore on their own time and at their own level, engage in hands-on discovery, solve problems and use critical-thinking skills, practice emerging skills across domains, share and get along with others, develop language, and realize their own sense of creativity.

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