Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World – 3rd Edition

Patricia G. Ramsey

P/B • 240 pages
ISBN 9780807745045

Multicultural Education for Young Children

Now in its third edition, this classic text continues to define what multicultural education means in all kinds of settings. As in previous editions, Patty Ramsey guides teachers in helping our children make sense of their complex world by becoming curious, critical, and compassionate learners.

Focusing on current research and practical applications for the classroom, the third edition features:
Suggestions for incorporating a multicultural perspective in all day-to-day interactions with children—from making up classroom rules to choosing materials.
Deeper explorations of the connections among all aspects of social justice work, including multicultural and environmental concerns.
Reflections on assumptions underlying developmental theories and educational practices.
The addition of activities to challenge children’s assumptions on: Racial Bias, Social Class and Consumerism, Perspectives on Cultures and the Natural World, Gender and Sexual Orientation, and Abilities and Disabilities.
An updated appendix of “Suggested Books for Children.”

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