Story Play

Mary Jo Huff

P/B • 208 Pages
ISBN 9780876593165

When a story comes to “The End” it does not have to be the end of the story. Instead, teachers can continue the learning with fun and playful activities and experiences. Story Play encourages teachers, librarians, child care professionals, and family members to become storytellers with ideas for expanding stories into meaningful learning experiences. Learn how to make simple storytelling props, including a Storytelling Tool Box, a Story Box, and a Story Wall, that adults and children can use to expand the pleasure of simple stories like “Jack Be Nimble” and longer stories like “Chicken Fun.” With stories, poems, songs, chants, and fingerplays, as well as ideas for working with puppets and props, Story Play brings all the fun of storytelling into the classroom in new ways. These easy-to-follow ideas focus on literacy skills and are perfect for engaged, active learning. Storytelling is a powerful tool for adults who work with children, and the fun ideas and activities in Story Play are sure to light a fire in every child’s imagination!

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