Start Seeing Diversity

Ellen Wolpert

P/B • 180mm x 255mm • 1144 pages
ISBN 9781929610655

The Basic Guide to an Anti-Bias Classroom

Start Seeing Diversity helps teachers recognise and address bias with young children by illustrating one community’s effort to create a responsive child care program.
Developed by teachers at Washington-Beech Community Preschool in Boston, this training handbook provides a framework for understanding bias among preschool children, reorganized for stand-alone use as a student text. Nine detailed chapters treat six areas of bias—gender, age, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, economic class, and physical abilities—as well as the goals and guiding assumptions of anti-bias curriculum. Accompanying discussion questions encourage readers to examine their own memories and experiences.

Perfect for pre-service and in-service teacher training, this helpful guide includes information-rich appendices containing:
Guidelines for challenging oppression and responding to incidents involving bias
A checklist for creating and assessing anti-bias environments
A guide to analysing children’s books
Directions for making photograph games like the ones used at Washington-Beech

The book also includes sample scenarios, details for classroom implementation, suggested resources, and guidelines for group leaders.

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