So This Is Normal Too? OUT OF PRINT

Deborah Hewitt

P/B • 144 pages
ISBN 9781884834073

Teachers and Parents Working Out Developmental Issues in Young Children

What is normal behavior for a preschool child? Where do difficult behaviors come from? Why does it seem like everyone elses children are so well behaved and mine so unruly?

In this practical, highly useful book for providers, teachers and parents, Deborah Hewitt examines sixteen challenging behaviors, each with its own chapter, such as:

– Separating From Mom
– Lying
– Sexual Curiosity
– Toilet Training

In each chapter, the author looks at each behavior through the eyes of both the provider or teacher and the parent and provides a method for all to focus on the behavior and jointly develop a plan for teaching the behavior skills the child needs.

In So This Is Normal Too, the author also shows us how to set aside our emotions and value judgments which cloud objectivity as she facilitates much needed communication between parents and providers in this sensitive area.

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