Picture Science

Carla Neumann-Hinds

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 112 pages
ISBN 9781933653235

Using Digital Photography to Teach Young Children

Young children love to investigate the natural world, and they love to take photographs. Photography has become a part of everyday life and photographic images surround us. Being able to ? read? photographs is becoming increasingly important and using photography as a powerful teaching and learning tool deserved exploration. Make digital photography an important part of your early childhood program!

Picture Science will help you go beyond just documenting class projects but involves using the camera to help make ideas visible, communicate and collaborate with each other, and to help young children explore and understand their world. It will show you how to use digital photography to make each step in the scientific process?from posing a question, to gathering data, to showing your findings?concrete and fun for children.

Picture Science does not prescribe activities but provides an overview on using digital photography in early childhood environments. It gives inspiring sample lessons that will stimulate you to design your own lesson plans. The appendix includes technical advice and tips for buying a camera for your centre or family child care business.


Science in the Early Childhood Classroom
How to Use Digital Photography in the Process of Inquiry
How Digital Photography Supports Learning
Other Benefits of Using Digital Photography
Getting Started: Using a Camera Effectively with Groups
How to Use This Book
Photography for Collecting and Analysing Data
Use Photography to Document Change over Time Sequencing
Use Photography to Illustrate Cause and Effect
Use Photography to Identify Parts of a Whole
Use Photography to Classify
Create Effective Field Trips
Photography for Demonstrating Conclusions
Use Photo Series and Data Banks to Demonstrate Conclusions
Use Charts to Demonstrate Conclusions
Use Field Guides to Demonstrate Conclusions
Photography for Making the Process of Inquiry Visible
Use Photography to Promote Metacognition
Use Photography for Group Reflections
Use Photography for Individual Reflection
Photography for Creating Documentation
Use Photography to Create Books
Use Photography to Create Presentations
Use Photography for Assessment
Appendix: Technical Questions and Answers Getting Started

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