Learning Together with Young Children 2nd edition

Deb Curtis, Margie Carter

P/B • 210mm x 280mm • 288 Pages
ISBN 9781605545226

A Curriculum Framework for Reflective Teachers

Early childhood leaders Deb Curtis and Margie Carter have set the standard for creating and planning curriculum for young people by providing a state-of-the art model for child-centred, relationship-based teaching.

Combining in-depth theoretical principles with extensive practical applications, Learning Together with Young Children will:

inspire teachers to create a classroom culture that welcomes and nourishes children and families

help teachers choose materials and build environments that encourage imaginative play and exploration

help teachers support childrens connections with each other as they learn to represent their ideas

show teachers how, through thoughtful documentation, to reflect children’s ideas back to them

Learning Together with Young Children will help teachers reflect on their own professional influences and approach to teaching young children. They will learn to use multiple ways – stories, songs, art, and drama – to foster each child’s expression of his or her unique developmental journey.



Chapter 1: A Curriculum Framework for Reflective Teaching

Chapter 2: Create a Nourishing Classroom Culture

Chapter 3: Enhance the Curriculum with Materials

Chapter 4: Bring Yourself to the Teaching and Learning Process

Chapter 5: Coach Children to Learn about Learning

Chapter 6: Dig Deeper to Learn with Children

Chapter 7: Adapt the Curriculum Framework for Different Settings

Chapter 8: Claim Your Responsibility to Live Fully and Teach well

Appendix A: Tools to Help Clarify Your Current Perspectives and Foundations

Appendix B: Sample Curriculum and Assessment Statements

Appendix C: Sample Planning Forms

Appendix D: Sample Advocacy Efforts


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