Learning Pathways Reflective Journal

Claire Warden

P/B • 63 Pages
ISBN 9780954488376

This motivational book offers a more creative approach to continuous professional development (C.P.D) that is all related to being with children from three to twelve.

It has inspirational quotes, photographs, and images which are interspersed with hundreds of ideas presented as possible lines of development (P.L.O.D.S). The blend of mental stimulation and space to think it a powerful way to create long term persistent change in your practice. The high grade paper can be used for painting, sketching, mindmapping and scrap-booking and collating training notes. A4 full colour.

Spiral bound so that it will lie flat. Comes complete with support notes of hints and tips to journal writing.  Also ideal for CPD.

The title of this journal has been created to reflect the way that we move through the learning process wherever that experience takes us. No two people learn in the same way, or use the same approach to reinforce and memorise ideas.  Learning is a complex process that is more effective when we are personally motivated and emotionally connected to it. Journalising has become increasingly popular since it alows individuality and creativity.

The ways we can use it are outlined in the section at the back of the book. As you use the journal we hope that you will enjoy the framework of photographs, paintings, images and quotes that we have put together for you. Space is open for you to use a range of strategies to aid your reflection such as mind mapping, painting, doodling, narratives and notes taken during training.

The section at the end of the journal lists some open ended activities to try. There are a number of journals that we have created linked to children at different points on the learning pathway and the people who work with them.

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