Language Building Blocks; Essential Linguistics for Early Childhood Educators

Anita Pandey

P/B • 15.88 x 1.91 x 22.86 cm • 304 pages
ISBN 9780807753552

Essential Linguistics for Early Childhood Educators

“The great value of this resource is that it offers numerous ‘bridging’ reflections, strategies, and specific instructional interventions. It is a must for any educator that must understand the significant link between language and achievement in schooling contexts.”—From the Foreword by Eugene García

“An extraordinarily informative, useful, and highly accessible tool for educators of young children of all language backgrounds. An excellent resource for teacher preparation and professional development.” —Dorothy S. Strickland, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Professor of Education, Emerita, Distinguished Research Fellow, National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Informativo! Educators must know how to break down language, how discourse mirrors culture, and how Spanish and other languages promote success in core content areas.” —Rossana Ramirez Boyd, President, National Association for Bilingual Education

“A truly necessary guide to understanding language for early childhood teachers in today’s multicultural and multilingual world. Pandey clearly explains the fullness and potential of linguistic knowledge in teaching, honoring the role of the reflective teacher, and celebrating the uniqueness of young children and their languages worldwide.” —Debora B. Wisneski, University of Nebraska at Omaha, President, Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)

Language Building Blocks is an accessible resource that familiarizes early childhood professionals with linguistics, the scientific study of language. Knowledge of linguistics will enable early childhood educators to successfully teach young children core competencies, ranging from phonemic awareness, reading and math, to health literacy and intercultural awareness. The text includes numerous real-life examples for diverse age groups and learning styles. The online Resource Guide provides hands-on activities and contributions by top scholars in the field. This resource shows teachers how to systematically empower and include all children.

This teacher-friendly book:
• Provides an enhanced understanding of language and language acquisition, minimizing misdiagnoses of special needs.
• Makes language come alive for children and educators preparing for the Praxis Test.
• Demonstrates that children develop key skills when they can (dis)assemble language.
• Highlights approaches Dr. Seuss used to make reading fun for young readers.
• Offers innovative language and literacy observation and enhancement strategies, including multilingual math and literacy, language exploration, and play.
• Illustrates the value of observation, collaboration, and inquiry in early learning.

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