It’s Not a Bird Yet

Ursula Kolbe

P/B • 1220mm x 270mm • 128 Pages
ISBN 9780975772201

The Drama of Drawing

Building on her enormously popular book, Rapunzel?s Supermarket, Ursula Kolbe takes an in-depth look at the rich possibilities of drawing. Filled with engaging anecdotes that illustrate the often-overlooked social dimensions of drawing, It’s not a Bird Yet offers new ways of looking at drawing. Beautifully illustrated, in full colour, it celebrates drawing as a powerful tool for thinking and imagining.
It’s not a bird yet  takes us beyond traditional accounts of developmental stages and gives insight into how children playfully use drawing for various purposes;
shows children investigating topics collaboratively over periods of time, brainstorming ideas through drawing and using drawing as a springboard for work with other media; highlights the joys of ‘learning to see” through observational drawing; looks at uses of the photocopier, overhead projector and computer as well as simple cut-outs to extend drawing; discusses how you can assist when children ask for help; provides an extensive section on materials, tools, techniques and resources.

“A wonderful range of suggestions on how we can support children’s many different drawing efforts without drawing for them, being prescriptive or using a formula. In linking drawing to play it provides a model for ways we can respond to drawing”
Margaret Brooks, artist and lecturer in early childhood education, University of New England



Part One: Tuning into children?s drawings
Marvel with me! Early drawing: making marks and making meaning.
Wee-oh! Wee-oh! Wee- oh! Action drawing and pretend play.
Hey, you forgot to draw her hair! Depicting people and animals
From holding hands to meaning words: Depicting relationships of various kinds
Because it has the same things A passion for visual order, patterns and decoration
That’s the water. Spontaneous attempts to draw from life: Learning to see.
The Heart Family and where they live Story-drawing: A way to explore big ideas?
It’s Super Boy’s cape Popular culture in children?s drawings
What you can do: Ways to encourage and support

Part Two: Investigating with children
The ant, the crumb and the queen of ants: Collaborative investigations
Of whales, dragons and soccer games: A community of enquirers
The garbage machine: From drawing plans to building a machine
News reports: Confronting disaster and tragedy
What you can do: Ways to deepen investigations

Part Three: Enchanting the eye, expanding horizons
What does the eye see? Observation drawing
Visual surprise From cut-outs to digital technology
Encounters with other imaginations Drawings by contemporary artists

Part Four: Other matters
I can?t draw wings! How to help when asked
Underpinnings Materials, tools, technique and resources

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