Is Everybody Ready for Kindergarten

Angèle Sancho Passe

P/B • 240 pages
ISBN 9781605540153

A Toolkit for Preparing Children and Families

Kindergarten is a significant and exciting milestone in young children’s lives. Is Everybody Ready for Kindergarten? is an ideal planning resource for early childhood professionals as they coordinate a successful transition that benefits children, their families, and the schools. Filled with information, advice, and activities, this tool kit includes

An explanation of what school readiness means for children and for schools
A brief history of kindergarten
Descriptions of the typical development, capabilities, and characteristics of four-, five-, and six-year-olds
Common hopes and concerns families have as their children begin kindergarten
Strategic planning tools to help prepare children for the transition to kindergarten
Discussion questions, reproducible checklists, and assessment and planning templates

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