Introducing Dialogic Pedagogy

E. Jayne White

P/B • 182 Pages
ISBN 9780415819855

Introducing Dialogic Pedagogy presents some of the ideas of Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin concerning dialogism in a way that will engage and inspire those studying early childhood education. By translating the growing body of dialogic scholarship into a practical application of teaching and learning with very young children, this book provides readers with alternative ways of examining, engaging and reflecting on practice in the early years to provoke new ways of understanding and enacting pedagogy.

This text combines important theoretical ideas with a practical application to support practitioners who are keen to promote creativity and agency through ethical self-other relations. It provides unique insights into the amazing world of the youngest child, and offers enriched understandings of the profound impact of adults in their journey of becoming (or bildung).

Key points covered include:

  • Investigating dialogic philosophy and its application to early childhood education, with an emphasis on notions of justice, democracy, ethics and answerability
  • Considering the relationship between dialogism and pedagogical approaches
  • Theorising a range of approaches to relevant early childhood practice, as pedagogy

This accessible and readable guide offers sound theoretical principles with practical suggestions for early years’ settings. The book is supplemented by an extensive online video resource website that will bring these revolutionary ideas to life.

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