Infants and Toddlers at Work

Ann Lewin-Benham

192 pages • P/B • 180mm x 255mm
ISBN 9780807751077

Using Reggio-Inspired Material to Support Brain Development

This book contains a wealth of practical and specific activities and materials to use with infants and toddlers to enhance growth and development. Writing in the accessible style that her readers appreciate, Ann Lewin-Benham looks at current research from the neurosciences to show what teachers and childcare providers can do with very young children. For each material or activity presented, the text examines its relation to the rapid brain growth that characterises the zero to three years, including sensory reception, movement, language, cognition, memory, vision, and motivation. Materials, with guidance for their use and where to find them, include: paint, mark-makers, man-made found objects, natural objects, clay, paper, and light and shadow. This is the definitive guide for trainers and professionals who work with young children.


Chapter 1 – Why Use Materials?
Chapter 2 – Framing Experiences
Chapter 3 – Infants and Materials
Chapter 4 – Man-Made Experiences
Chapter 5 – Painting and Tempera
Chapter 6 – Clay
Chapter 7 – Mark-Making
Chapter 8 – Exploring Paper
Chapter 9 – Natural Materials
Chapter 10 – Light and Shadow

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