From Lullabies to Literature

Anne Kennedy, Anne Stonehouse, Jennifer Birckmayer

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ISBN 9781928896524

Stories in the Lives of Infants and Toddlers

The ability to use language (speak, read, write) is not something that children suddenly or automatically develop. It is a culmination of experiences with language that begin at birth. Sharing stories (oral storytelling, books) and other story experiences (conversations, songs, poems, rhymes) with infants and toddlers is critical to building their emerging literacy skills. At the same time, it expands their experience and understanding of the world, and is a wonderful opportunity for fostering close relationships with infants and toddlers.

Sprinkled with helpful and delightful vignettes and ideas for stories to share, From Lullabies to Literature explains how the many types of stories and story experiences are best used with very young children, with a particular focus on using books, and how caregivers can plan and provide story experiences most effectively, including by partnering with families.


About This Book

Chapter 1: Why Stories Matter: The Joys and Benefits for Infants and Toddlers
What do we mean by stories?
Why do stories matter for very young children?

Chapter 2: About Very Young Children: Characteristics of Early Abilities and Development
An image of infant and toddlers
Development and the individual child
A developmental continuum

Chapter 3:  Sharing Spoken Language: Sounds, Conversations, Told Stories, and Language Games
Beginning with sounds
Engaging in conversations
Told stories
Language plays, rhymes, and games
Supporting toddlers as storytellers

Chapter 4: The Special Role of Books: Building a Story Collection to Share
Why books are special
Types of books
Building a book collection

Chapter 5: Using Stories Effectively: Telling, Reading, and Showing
Do’s and don’ts for sharing story experiences
Ideas for using told stories with infants and toddlers
Ideas for using books with infants and toddlers
A good place for books
Challenges when using books with infants and toddlers
Using stories: Questions from caregivers
Supporting inclusion of children with special needs

Chapter 6. Planning Story Experiences to Benefit Every Child: Preparation, Observation, and Evaluation
Balancing considerations in story planning
Planning stories as comfort and support
Developing our story planning skills

Chapter 7. Partnering with Families: Enriching Story Experiences Through Communication
Inclusive perspectives on families
Two-way communication
Encouraging families to tell stories and share books

Chapter 8. The Gift of Stories: Ours to Give to Very Young Children
The three benefits of stories revisited

Appendix. Good Books for Infants and Toddlers

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