Focused Observations

Gaye Gronlund, Marlyn James

P/B • 215mmx 280mm • 184 pages
ISBN 9781929610716

How to Observe Children for Assessment and Curriculum Planning

Early childhood teachers like you observe children all day, whether you think of your job that way, or not. But with countless responsibilities, you sometimes think you don’t have time to record their important milestones.
Focused Observations is a comprehensive resource with realistic—and time-conscious—observation techniques you can use in your classroom. Providing a new approach to a trusted practice, this valuable guide offers classroom-tested methods for observing children. It helps you assess children’s development, understand their behaviour, and develop curriculum that addresses their capabilities and passions.

Extremely user-friendly, Focused Observations provides answers to the most common questions about observation, including:

• Why should I observe children?
• What does effective observation look like?
• How do I fit observation in so that it doesn’t take me away from children?
• How can my observation help with curriculum planning and child assessment?

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