Family Child Care Curriculum

Sharon Woodward

P/B • 304 pages
ISBN 9781605540122

Teaching through Quality Care

200 fun and educational activities!

A successful family child care (daycare) program promotes the healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschool children in a caring, nurturing environment. Enrich your program and support children’s early learning with best practices and activities designed specifically for family child care professionals.

Family Child Care Curriculum includes a wealth of creative and inclusive activities that meet age-appropriate developmental objectives. Activities are organized both by age and developmental domain—physical and motor, cognitive, communication and language, and social and emotional—and complement the overall goals of a quality family child care program. These activities can be used with multiage groups of children and are easily implemented in your daily routine. This complete curriculum also includes

Four developmental milestone charts describing typical development from birth through age five
Tips to provide quality learning environments and twenty-nine evaluation questions to improve your program
Suggestions to create successful partnerships with families
Additional resources to help you develop a well-rounded program, including safety information and daily schedules

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