Early Sprouts

Deirdre McPartlin, Dottie Bauer, Karrie Kalich

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 216 Pages
ISBN 9781933653723

Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children

Plant lifelong healthy eating concepts in young children and counteract the prevalence of childhood obesity with Early Sprouts. A research-based early childhood curriculum, this seed-to-table approach gets children interested in and enjoying nutritious fruits and vegetables. The Early Sprouts model engages preschoolers in all aspects of planting, preparing, and eating organically grown produce. Find directions for designing and caring for gardens, recipes children can help prepare, and ways to involve the whole family in making healthy food choices. The activities used in this 24-week program can be tailored to fit any early childhood program, climate, or geographical region; have been tested in a variety of early learning environments; and have received accolades from children, their parents, and teachers alike.



Part I Preparing the Groundwork
Chapter 1: The Early Sprouts Philosophy and Approach
Chapter 2: The Nutritional Approach
Chapter 3: The Gardening Approach
Chapter 4: Preparing Staff for Planting Early Sprouts
Chapter 5: Involving Families
Chapter 6: The Early Sprouts Target Vegetables

Part II Tending Early Sprouts Week by Week
Chapter 7: Introduction to the Curriculum
Chapter 8: Bringing in the Harvest: The Garden Activities Weeks 1-6
Chapter 9: Harvest Time Is Coming to an End: Bringing the Garden Indoors Weeks 7-12
Chapter 10: Putting the Garden to Sleep: Indoor Winter Activities Weeks 13-18
Chapter 11: Spring Is Coming: Seeds and Planting Activities Weeks 19-24
Chapter 12: The Family Recipe Kits

Part III Sharing the Harvest
Chapter 13: What We Have Learned: Research Process and Results
Chapter 14: Adapting and Adopting the Early Sprouts Approach
Chapter 15: Parting Words
Appendix A Vitamins and Selected Minerals Chart
Appendix B Preparing the Garden Site
Appendix C Recommended Organic Seed Sources
Appendix D Gardening and Vegetable Resources
Appendix E Books about Cooking with and for Children

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