Alma Fleet, Catherine Patterson and Janet Robertson

344 Pages • P/B
ISBN 9781876138387

Behind Early Childhood Pedagogical Documentation

This is the new book edited by Alma Fleet, Catherine Patterson and Janet Robertson, Conversations: Behind early childhood pedagogical documentation. Following on from the very popular Insights: Behind early childhood pedagogical documentation, this book continues the conversations.

‘Conversations is original in that the complexities of contemporary theory and critical pedagogy are presented with a “practical” confidence that immediately engages the reader. The grouping of chapters into sections from “opening the conversations” to “disrupting the conversations”accompanied by thoughtful and provocative responses, provides a range of entry points. Throughout, the authors write about and around the concept of pedagogical documentation, each from a new perspective and each offering varying levels of engagement which should appeal to a wide audience.’

Diti Hill, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland,
New Zealand

‘The ideas and concepts surrounding pedagogical documentation have been, for many, vague, slippery and hard to pin-down … This book teaches us to listen, speak, interpret, think, reflect as well as record the interactions between us, materials, representations and environments and space.

Always, the aim is to enhance learning in a respectful way which honours and values what all the participants bring to the situation … By drilling-down into particular episodes of teaching and learning through each chapter, we see how the adults learn and teach and how the children teach and learn. This simultaneous meaning-making is laid bare through in-depth analyses of children’s actions, words and deliberations; seeing children and adults as active citizens in their shared learning spaces.’

Taken from the foreword of this book by Iram Siraj-Blatchford,
Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London


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