Thursday 26 May, 2022

Exchange Magazine

Exchange magazine is designed with you in mind, offering inspirational, timely and practical advice for Early Childhood directors, staff and academics.

Each bi-monthly issue of Exchange is packed with practical articles written by leading authorities in the field on issues early childhood professionals face every day:

• training staffExchange Magazine
• working with parents
• supervising staff
• trends in the field
• marketing and promotion
• recruiting qualified staff
• budgeting and cash flow
• fundraising
• evaluation
• brain research
• role of public schools
• setting and collecting fees
• facility management
• curriculum development

Plus, in every issue there is a 16-page staff training section, Beginnings Workshop, focusing on a curriculum area such as play, literacy, diversity, space design, discipline, music, and circle time.

Exchange Articles on Demand

Gives you on-line access to over 1,600 practical articles from the first 28 years of Exchange at your fingertips, ready to be read, download, or print. Access to online articles starts within two weeks of payment of your subscription.

Subscription Options for Australian Customers

For early childhood professionals in Australia you now have four ways to benefit from Exchange...

Option 1. Traditional one year subscription to Exchange magazine. Have six issues delivered to your door for $90.

Option 2. One year subscription to Exchange magazine PLUS online access for one year to Exchange
Articles on Demand. Combined introductory rate for one year Exchange subscription and online access is $105.

Option 3. If you are a current subscriber to Exchange magazine you are eligible to a one year online access to Exchange Articles on Demand for the special price of $15

Option 4. If you do not wish to subscribe to Exchange magazine you can still have online access to Exchange Articles on Demand for the very reasonable amount of $65

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