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Insights & Conversations Custom eTextbook

Insights & Conversations Custom eTextbook

Insights & Conversations Custom eTextbook

Behind Early Childhood Pedagogical Documentation

Author(s): Alma Fleet, Catherine Patterson, Janet Robertson (click on the author's name for more titles)

Binding: eBook

Published by: Pademelon Press

RRP $75.00

A selection of chapters commonly found on university reading lists in one handy eTextbook.

After consulting with the authors and lecturers who use both Insights and Conversations, we have combined a group of chapters in this volume and priced it to match the budget of students.


Chapter One
Pedagogical conversations: Setting the scene 
Alma Fleet, Catherine Patterson and Janet Robertson 

Part One: Opening the conversations

Chapter Two
‘As I grow up I learn more and more from other people’: Opening up spaces to re-imagine knowledge in a primary school through pedagogical documentation
Clare Britt and Sophie Rudolph

Chapter Three
The culturally embedded mind: Personal reflections on pedagogical documentation
Angela Chng and Doranna Wong

Chapter Four
Get over yourself: The ethics of respect
Louise Cave, Belinda Connerton, Toby Honig and Janet Robertson

Response to Part One
Jan Millikan and Jill McLachlan

Chapter Five
Learning to document: Student teachers speak
Catherine Patterson

Chapter Six
‘Mine, thine and ours’: Exploring Thirdspace through pedagogical documentation
Suallyn Mitchelmore

Chapter Eleven
Making a space for pedagogy: The story about Mia Mia — a work in progress
Wendy Shepherd and Janet Robertson

Chapter Fourteen
Towards future conversations: Complicating surveillance and empowerment
Alma Fleet, Catherine Patterson and Janet Robertson

Contents - INSIGHTS

Chapter Three
Reconsidering Our Images of Children: What Shapes our Educational Thinking? 
Janet Robertson

Chapter Four
The Disposition to Document
Sarah Felstiner, Laurie Kocher, Ann Pelo

Chapter Nine
Focusing the Lens: Gazing at ‘Gaze’ 
Janet Robertson

Chapter Eleven
Unsure: Private Conversations Publicly Recorded 
Sandra Cheeseman and Janet Robertson