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Are These Your Glasses?

Are These Your Glasses?

Are These Your Glasses?

Author(s): Gavin McCormack (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781876138462

Binding: Hardcover

Published by: Pademelon Press

RRP $29.95

Are These Your Glasses? tells the tale of, Sergio, a lonely penguin who is faced with many hurdles as he grows up. Sergio is a champion against bullying. With his father as a guide, he learns some valuable lessons.These lessons help him to show great determination and strength as he tries to find true friendship.

The book has been designed to inspire deep conversations within the classroom and home about what it feels like to be excluded. It explains how we can overcome bullying with care and love.

The story of Sergio has the potential to educate children on a variety of levels. It inspires deep conversations about what it feels like to be excluded from a group and teaches children that the gift of kindness is the greatest gift of all.

As Sergio embarks on his quest for love, the sky ‘Aurora Australis’ changes its colour depending on his emotional state. This should allow those children who find it difficult to express their emotions in words to relate to Sergio’s situation. The book has a strong moral focus with many fine details and inferential clues within the beautiful illustrations which can be great discussion starters with children. And to top it all off, it has a beautiful ending.

The book is supported by detailed guides for parents and educators to assist them to extend the learning with the children in their care.

About the author
Gavin McCormack is a primary school teacher based in Sydney Australia who wants to make a difference. As a child, he was bullied at school. The feeling of the bullying he faced stayed with him well into his adult life. After working with children for almost 20 years, he has seen patterns emerging, especially in those children who are socially excluded. He decided to write this book to eradicate social exclusion in primary schools and to educate young people about the long-term effects of bullying and exclusion.


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