Monday 24 June, 2019

Big Science for Growing Minds

Big Science for Growing Minds

Big Science for Growing Minds

Constructivist Classrooms for Young Thinkers

Author(s): Jacqueline Grennon Brooks (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9780807751954

Binding: Paperback

Published by: Teachers College Press

RRP $60.95

Strong evidence from recent brain research shows that the intentional teaching of science is crucial in early childhood. Big Science for Growing Minds describes a groundbreaking curriculum that invites readers to rethink science education through a set of unifying concepts or “big ideas.” Using an integrated learning approach, the author shows teachers how to use readily available, low-cost items to create a safe classroom setting that fosters hands-on learning and exploration of real-life problems. The text includes classroom activities that connect science learning to mathematics, technology, art, and literacy.

Book Features:

Shows teachers how to address fundamental biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science concepts using easy-to-find objects.
Describes constructivist learning environments that are aligned with emerging data on brain development.
Includes guidance for adopting approaches and instructional strategies consistent with NSTA, NSES, and NAEYC guidelines.


Part 1—Science in Early Childhood: Young Scientists with Growing Ideas • A Constructivist View of Learning • Learning to Care and Caring to Learn

Part 2Landscapes of Learning Science • Science as Disciplined Wonder • Science Learning Within Family, Community, and Nature • Science of Learning • Liberty and Science for All • Negotiating the Science Curriculum •

Part 3From Unifying Science Concepts to Curriculum • Unifying Science Concepts • Unifying Concepts: The Physical Environment • Unifying Concepts: The Living Environment 

Part 4From Curriculum to the Wonder of Science • Science in the Shopping Cart: A Chemistry Unit • Water, Soil, Sand, and Salt: An Earth Science Unit • Putting It All Together

“We need to celebrate the birth of this book. It is a vivid embodiment of how young children learn scientific ideas when their teachers create conditions that match the ways youngsters are able to integrate meaning. Constructivist practice comes to life in these pages. At a time of narrow high-stakes tests, here is a model that preserves truly professional practice.”
—From the Foreword by Doris Pronin Fromberg, Hofstra University

“Big Science for Growing Minds is a wonderful, jam-packed storehouse of research-based ideas for the effective teaching of science. The author is masterful in her ability to clearly explain current brain research and cognitive science studies and to exemplify the research through practical classroom applications.”
—Lawrence Lowery, Professor (emeritus), Graduate School of Education and the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley