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Learning From The Children

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Learning From The Children

Reflecting on Teaching

Author(s): Cindylee Villareale (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781933653716

Binding: Paperback

Size: 205 mm X 255 mm

Published by: Redleaf Press

RRP $40.95

This collection of heartening classroom stories, gathered over many years, reflects the change, growth, and learning that preschool teachers experience as a result of working with children. Each story is followed by a brief summary of relevant theories and challenges that will promote your professional growth. An inspiring reminder that you learn from each child you teach.  

Part One:  Be Your Best for Me
Ava's Song - Be Present and Available
One with Pinkeye - Be Ready to Give of Yourself
The Hand-Holding Wait Line - Be Someone Children Really Trust
Mud Day - Be Flexible
Me, Biased? No Way! - Build a Relationship with Every Child
Vincent's Story - Be Prepared to Help Abused Children

Part Two:  Help Me Feel Special
Brave Art Princess - Let Children Be Unique
Hyper-Organized, Bo-Established Systems -Identify and Honour Each Childs Talents
Leader in Disguise - Accept Every Childs Characteristics as Positive
New Shoes - Give Compliments that Really Matter

Part Three:  Help Me Learn in New Ways
Mistaken Behavior - Think of Mistakes as Learning Opportunities
The Recipe Book - Create the Right Environment
The Quiet One - Help Children Learn in Ways that Make Each of Them Comfortable
Are We There Yet? - Think About What Each Child Is Ready to Learn
Wet Socks Can Ruin Your Day -Teach Children to Be Good Friends

Appendix A: Burnout Assessment Questionnaire
Appendix B: Individual Goal Chart Individual Goal Sheet
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