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Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice

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Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice

Author(s): Deborah Hewitt, Sandra Heidemann (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781933653730

Binding: Paperback

Size: 215 mm X 280 mm

Published by: Redleaf Press

RRP $67.95

Play skills are life skills that stay with children throughout their growing years. They are vital to the overall healthy development of children and help them understand a number of basic principles including recognising symbols, solving conflict, and taking turns. Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice contains practical suggestions and theoretical information for helping children thrive with play-based learning. Chapters include an explanation of the functional Play Checklist to help you observe children's emerging skills and pinpoint areas for improvement, instructions for writing specific and attainable goals for children, and case studies from real classrooms.



Chapter 1: Play Is the Main Event: Valuing Play
Theories of Play
Play in the Twenty-first Century
What Children Learn During Play
Advocating for Play
Reflection Questions

Chapter 2: Props and Peers: Learning the Basics of Play
Play with Objects
Social Play
Sociodramatic Play
Reflection Questions

Chapter 3: Setting the Stage: Organizing for Play
Space and Play Materials
Types of Play Encouraged by Play Materials
Planned Experiences
Continuous Cycle of Improvement
Reflection Questions

Chapter 4: Its Not Always Easy: Recognizing Influences on Play Development Culture and Language
Lack of Experience with Play
Exposure to Violence
Gifted and Talented
Special Needs
Reflection Questions

Chapter 5: Finding out More: Observing, Evaluating Play Skills, and Using the Play Checklist
Observing and Assessing a Child's Play
Using the Play Checklist
Play Checklist
Explanation of the Play Checklist
Evaluating Play Skills
Willie: A Case Study
Reflection Questions

Chapter 6: What Will the Child Do? Writing Goals from the Play Checklist
Developing a Plan
Writing Goals
Next Steps
Reflection Questions

Chapter 7: What Will You Do? Planning for Play Skills
Developing a Lesson Plan
Your Role
Planning Your Role
Which Role to Use
Reflection Questions

Chapter 8: The Heart of the Plan: Choosing Teaching Strategies Pretending with Objects
Verbalizations about the Play Scenario
Verbal Communication during a Play Episode
Persistence in Play
Entrance into a Play Group
Problem Solving
Turn Taking
Support of Peers
Reflection Questions

Chapter 9: Case Studies: Putting It All Together
Asheley: A Case Study
Lori: A Case Study
The Value of Reflection
The Continuous Cycle of Improvement

Appendix A: Play Checklist and Planning Form
Appendix B: Suggested Reading List
Appendix C: Children's Book List