Tuesday 03 August, 2021

Play: A Beginnings Workshop Book

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Play: A Beginnings Workshop Book

Author(s): Bonnie Neugebauer (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9780942702392

Binding: Paperback

Size: 215mm x 280mm

Published by: Child Care Information Exchange

RRP $53.95

The sixth book in this excellent series of compilations of articles from Exchange magazine, Play covers articles relating to the value of play, block play, make-believe play, play and culture environment and training teachers to be playful. Each one of these books is a comprehensive collection offering in-depth coverage on specific topics and is written by well known international educators including Australians.


The Spirit of Play

The Spirit of Adult Play by Bonnie Neugebauer
The Plays the Thing: Styles of Playfulness by Elizabeth Jones
Just Wondering: Building Wonder Into the Environment by Jim Greenman
Catching the Spirit: Training Teachers to Be Playful by Margie Carter

The Value of Play

Play, Policy, and Practice: The Essential Connections by Edgar Klugman and Sandra Waite-Stupiansky
What's New in Play Research? by Doris Pronin Fromberg
Observing Children's Play by Margaret Cooney
Documenting Play by Lynn Cohen

Block Play

Block Building: Opportunities for Learning by Harriet K. Cuffaro
Block Play: Experiences in Cooperative Learning and Living by Sally Cartwright 
Block Play is for ALL Children by Kay (Stritzel) Rencken 
Enriching the Possibilities of Block Play by Stuart Reifel
On the Floor with Kids! - Teachers as Block Play Partners by Karen Stephens
Resources on Block Play

Make-Believe Play

Make-Believe Play - Why Bother? by Dennie Palmer Wolf 
Fantasy and Exploration: Two Approaches to Playing by Sharon Grollman
Infants Don't Pretend, Do They? by Lorraine McCune
Problems in Make-Believe: Real and Pretend by W. George Scarlett

Play and Culture

Play and Cultural Differences by Sharon Cronin and Elizabeth Jones
Play in a Classroom of Iu-Mien Children by Kathleen Evans
The Culture of Play: A Personal Perspective by Cheryl Greer Jarman
But They're Only Playing": Interpreting Play to Parents by Renatta M. Cooper
  Understanding Culture Through Play by Gretchen Reynolds