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One, Two What Can I Do? Book plus 2 CDs

One, Two What Can I Do? Book plus 2 CDs

One, Two What Can I Do? Book plus 2 CDs

Dance and Music for the Whole Day

Author(s): Connie Bergstein Dow (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781605540405

Published by: Redleaf Press

RRP $89.95

Keep the day moving with 112 playful dance activities for children three to six years. Each provides children with opportunities to exercise, practise
and improve age-appropriate large motor skills, develop body awareness and control. Enhance children’s physical, social, emotional and kinaesthetic learning with movement activities while creating structure throughout your day, including greetings and goodbyes, group time, transitions, and quiet time. The introduction explains the importance of physical activity in children’s physical and social development and the relevance of research in regard to the brain – body connection. It gives a guide to children’s developmental capabilities, tips for effective classroom management strategies, and environmental requirements. Accessible and adaptable for all children, including those with special needs or different learning styles, each dance-and-music pairing is irresistibly fun. An accompanying music CD has 43 tracks.

Chapter Headings include:
Starting the Day with Dance and Music
Around the Circle
Transitions — Going from Here to There
Group Movement Exploration
Language and Literacy
Numbers, Shapes and Patterns
Social Studies
Locomotion — Large Motor Skills Activities
Walks and Walking Variation
Runs, Prances, Gallops and Slides
Skips and Leaps (age 5 up)
Free Movement Exploration
Quiet Down