Monday 01 March, 2021

Learning Moments series Learning Through Play: Ages 0 - 3 Years CD Book

Learning Moments series Learning Through Play: Ages 0 - 3 Years CD Book

Learning Moments series Learning Through Play: Ages 0 - 3 Years CD Book

Binding: CD

Published by: Child Care Information Exchange

RRP $136.95

In the clips on this CD you will see how children playfully engage in the world. As they pursue the things that capture their interest, the children organize their actions and invent strategies for testing their hypotheses. You will observe how self-defined goals arise fluidly from the rhythm of young children's play and see how young children apply their increasing knowledge in pursuit of these goals. These clips also allow you to see how children begin to share their knowledge with others and in doing so, reflect upon the effectiveness of their gestures and words.


Infants Explore the Harp Runtime 3:34
Notice how the features of an object invite an infant to carry out a particular action. What strategies might you model to help the infant learn to relate to the object in a new way?
First-Time Friends Runtime 1:07
What other ways do you notice Justin relating to Conner? Is their interaction social or non-social? Does Justin expect Conner to reciprocate? Does Conner understand Justin's efforts as social advances?
Self-Regulation During Year One Runtime 4:09
What events cause children to carry out their own investigations? How do they use their knowledge to make something happen?
Rocking Horse Rumble Runtime 3:07
Why is Jacob attracted to Ella's rocking horse? What makes a young child's preference for one object reasonable? What strategies do the children use to both compromise and possess; to distract as well as resist; and to play alone as well as share a common toy?
Siblings in the Sandbox Runtime 3:51
How does one sister's action elicit something similar from the other? When do the sisters carry out the same action using different objects? When do they use the same object to carry out different actions?
Beyond the Five Senses Runtime 2:35
What does it mean for something to be sticky? What can I do with sticky? How can I have fun with sticky?
Ben Shoots Pool Runtime 2:12
What materials in your classroom offer children rich opportunities for invention and open-ended problem solving?
How Spaces Support Social Play Runtime 2:13
How might the rules of the game be different if the space did not have these bounding events, the interesting actions at the end points of each run?
Children Read the Quality of Gestures Runtime 3:21
Look for instances when your children are encouraged to reflect upon and refine the effectiveness of their symbols and gestures as they co-construct shared meanings.