Monday 01 March, 2021

Firm Foundations for Early Literacy (Documentary) Book/DVD (limited stock available)

Firm Foundations for Early Literacy (Documentary) Book/DVD (limited stock available)

Firm Foundations for Early Literacy (Documentary) Book/DVD (limited stock available)

From 0 to 5 Years

Binding: DVD

Published by: Siren Films

RRP $159.95

Laying firm foundations for early literacy skills is about the learning that goes on before actual reading and writing. Children need to build these foundations from the right kind of experiences and support from their very first year.

This film starts at three months and follows various children at home and at nursery up till 5 years. It shows what young children need to be able to do, before they are ready to be taught how to read and write

We see the importance of speaking and listening from the earliest months. Understanding and using a generous vocabulary is the very basis of literacy, as children learn more and more about the sounds of their language(s) and combine their words into sentences. The give and take of conversation is greatly encouraged by looking at books together. Very young children learn how books tell stories, and also give you information, and they start to understand how books work.

The repetitive nature of rhymes and sheer enjoyment of songs further enhances language development with sharp attention to recognising and making sounds. We see how pretend play encourages a grasp of symbolism - how small world play resources represent people and recognisable situations. Children's imaginative flair supports story making, also an important element of those early literacy skills. As their pretend play develops, children create their own stories to tell to others.

Meaningful mark making also depends on symbolic understanding as children become able to use tools like pencils and paint to express themselves, being sure that they have drawn something in particular and soon that their deliberate marks say something specific. We see boys and girls experiencing  print in the environment and how the written word is used meaningfully by adults. The film finishes as the children are poised to start 'proper' reading and writing, ready to be taught in a more structured way because they are confident in all the skills of early literacy.

It is divided into sections which can be viewed separately.

The accompanying notes (28 pages), written by Jennie Lindon, include background information, practical implications of recent research, questions to provide food for thought and suggestions for what you might do.