Monday 01 March, 2021

Falling Out DVD

Falling Out DVD

Falling Out DVD

Disputes among under Fives

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Published by: Siren Films

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Friendship plays such an important role for children that an inability to socialize can lead to all sorts of problems. Learning to get on with others starts early and an essential part of this process involves learning to deal with conflicts.

Clashes are very frequent for the under 5's and adults often find fighting children hard to cope with, moving in and breaking up conflicts so denying children the essential experience of learning to deal with these situations themselves.

Falling Out aims to show how to be more objective. Natural conflict situations amongst under 5's are observed closely. We see how well different children cope and how adults can help or hinder this process.

The film is also an introduction to the value of careful observation. It consists of 4 sequences of conflict situations. Each is shown without commentary and then repeated with a voice over desrcibing and commenting on what is happening. We see what behavoiurs are needed to be socially competent.

3 yr old girls: Fight over a toy & manage to sort it out
4.5 yr old boys: Fight over a toy & don't sort it out, one boy leaves
3 yr old girls: Have a major dispute & need adult help to sort it out
3 & 4.5 yrs boys: Another dispute where nothing seems to go right! ends in tears for shy boy
3 yr old girls: Managing to successfully avoid  conflict