Sunday 28 February, 2021

EYLF and NQS without Tears 2nd edition - Book + DVD

EYLF and NQS without Tears 2nd edition - Book + DVD

EYLF and NQS without Tears 2nd edition - Book + DVD

Author(s): Susie Rosback, Sarah Wilson (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 978-1-925145-02-1

Binding: -

Size: 292 x 205 mm PB

Published by: Teaching Solutions

RRP $79.95

With much wider data from assessment rounds now available it is the perfect time to produce a revised edition. Major changes are in the section on assessment and rating which now includes feedback from educators who have been through the process. Questions answered in the new edition include: • How did you prepare for assessment and rating? • How did you find the assessment and rating process? • What are you doing to continue in raising the standard at your service? The Quality Improvement Program section has been updated to better reflect the process of completing and updating a QIP. The revised edition is now in full colour so that photos, chapter trees and posters are more appealing, making the book easier for the visual learner to engage with its contents The new edition is also available packaged with a DVD which features Susie Rosback presenting a training session. Susie shares her journey, showing educators how they can use the book to help their service understand and meet the requirements of the EYLF and NQS, and providing practical guidance on preparing for the assessment and rating process.