Sunday 28 February, 2021

Babies Outdoors (Documentary) Book/DVD (limited stock available)

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Babies Outdoors (Documentary) Book/DVD (limited stock available)

Play, Learning & Development

Author(s): Siren Films/Jan White (click on the author's name for more titles)

Binding: DVD

Published by: Siren Films

RRP $159.95

The outdoors is as valuable for babies as it is for older children and this film shows how the close adult can bring the outside world alive for them.

Babies are sensory motor learners and outside all their senses are stimulated by the rich source of sensory experiences. Their physical development is advanced because the rich and varied environment motivates them to move their bodies in many ways.

The film details development of vision, hearing and touch as well as physical development as the babies learn to reach, grasp, sit, crawl and in some cases walk. This is the brain building stuff. Alongside this we see attachments developing. It shows interactions with parents and key people in the nursery as they remain close for all important communication.

The commentary brings out developmental points about communication and emotional development as well as key stages in cognitive development such as object permanence. Complex theories like 'joint attention' are made clear as we see it in action.

The film is divided into nine sections, which can be watched separately if needed.

Miles with mum                               6 weeks
Bobby with mum                             3,5 & 7 months
Ko with mum                                   9 months
Lucas at nursery                              11 months
Dexter with mum & dad                  9,11 & 12 months


Made in conjunction with Jan White an early years outdoors specialist. She has also written the accompanying notes (58 pages) which link developmental theory with practice and expand on information given in the film.