Monday 24 June, 2019

Maths is All Around You

Maths is All Around You

Maths is All Around You

Author(s): Marianne Knaus (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781921613623

Binding: Paperback

Published by: Teaching Solutions

RRP $49.95

The development of mathematical understanding occurs in a range of settings: at home, during childcare, while shopping or at the park. Children are naturally curious and keen to learn about their world, including mathematics, and educators are ideally placed to enhance children’s early mathematical learning. But what experiences and opportunities are appropriate?

This book is intended for early childhood educators in both preschool settings and the first years of school who would like to explore and investigate maths concepts to enrich children’s experiences and extend their current thinking and learning.

Based on the philosophy and pedagogy of the Early Years Learning Framework, it recommends a balance of incidental spontaneous experiences combined with specific planned activities incorporating mathematics concepts. Underpinning this is a strong emphasis on a play-based approach.

Chapters cover each of strands of the Australian mathematics curriculum and how these might be experienced by children in early childhood settings. Examples of the principles, practices and learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework that link to the various maths concepts are incorporated throughout.

This is a practical resource designed to enhance teaching practice. Everyone can teach maths – they just need to know how and what to teach.