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Math at Their Own Pace

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Math at Their Own Pace

Child-Directed Activities for Developing Early Number Sense

Author(s): Greg Nelson (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781933653297

Binding: Paperback

Size: 215mm x 280mm

Published by: Redleaf Press

RRP $67.95

Dedicated early childhood teachers strive to provide environments where students make new discoveries and test their limits. Utilising the latest research on maths learning, Math at Their Own Pace provides a series of pre-designed, inexpensive activities that teachers can make and place "on the shelf" for children to use when they are developmentally ready and interested. This child-directed approach provides a broad range of hands-on maths experiences that will help children learn to solve problems creatively.

Math at Their Own Pace offers guidance on reacting to various student responses and provides variations that help tailor the activities to children?s abilities and interest levels.

The aim of this book is:
to give early childhood educators guidance in providing more maths materials into their classrooms so that children have plenty of opportunities to explore mathematical concepts.
provide activities that are open-ended and hands on to help children develop logical- mathematical minds through flexible mathematical problem solving.
maximize young children?s learning through activities that are self-directed and varied.
encourage educators to build maths games and activities into their classrooms as a stable of their learning environments.
introduce maths at an early age through exploration.

Each activity gives details on materials and setup, instructions for the basic activity, extensions and variations on the basic activity, the concepts and skills being learned, and additional advise

The beginning of each chapter gives details regarding the developmental stages of the concept, the activities they relate to, and the signs of readiness At the conclusion of each chapter there is a list of related children?s books.



Chapter 1:Getting Started

Chapter 2: Awareness of Stable Quantity and Emergence of Counting

Chapter 3: Counting to 10

Chapter 4: Recognising and Writing numerals 0 to 9

Chapter 5: Connecting Numerals to Quantity

Chapter 6: Emergence of Part-Whole Awareness

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Games; Board Games, Card Games, Games from Around the World, Miscellaneous Activity Formats, Commercial Games

Appendix Reproducible Blackline Masters