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Jump Into Math

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Jump Into Math

Active Learning for Preschool Children

Author(s): Rae Pica (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9780876590553

Binding: Paperback

Size: 215mm x 280mm

Published by: Gryphon House

RRP $33.95

The activities in each chapter are organized by level of difficulty, and each one incorporates fun, exciting maths experiences with movement. Most activities require few or no materials and include related children's books or music to extend the learning. The maths skills index is an invaluable reference tool, giving teachers flexibility to plan around children's interests.

Whether you use these lively maths activities during circle or group time, substitute them for more traditional lessons in maths, or use them to reinforce other lessons, you can be sure that the children are moving in leaps and bounds toward understanding mathematics. Research shows that the most effective way for children to learn concepts is to experience them physically. Jump into Math offers just this kind of learning. Activities such as Light and Heavy Words, The Number Hunt, and Three-Legged Creatures will actively engage children as they explore new maths concepts!


Mathematics in Early Childhood
The Rationale for Active Learning in Mathematics
What Mathematics, Movement and Music Have in Common
How to Use this Book

Chapter 1: Quantitative Concepts
Follow the Leader
Light v's Heavy
High & Low
That's About the Size of It
Wide and Narrow
A few Good Kids
What Size is It
Same Length
Equal and Unequal etc.

Chapter 2: Number Awareness & Recognition
Bean Bag Toss
Matching Numbers
Straight and Curve
All about Numbers
Carved in the Sand
Tracing Numbers etc,

Chapter 3: Counting, One to One Correspondence & Measuring
Blast Off
Body Parts
One Two Buckle My Shoe
Count the Claps
Times Up
Simon Says
How Many Sounds
How Far
How Long, etc.

Chapter 4: Basic Geometry
Me and My Shadow
Over and Under
Follow That Line
Follow That Shape
Getting in Shape
Which Way Does it Go
Change Shapes
What's Your Angle etc.

Chapter 5: Sequence & Patterns
Counting Off
Counting Fingers
Pass It On
Pass a Movement
Pass a Rhythm
The Wave
Step, Step, Jump et

Chapter 6: Simple Computations
Three Little Monkeys
Roll Over
How Many Children Standing on the Wall
Bottle Bowling
Divvy Them Up
Subtracting Steps etc.

Index of Math Skills
Index of Children?s Books