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Environments A Beginnings Workshop Book

Environments A Beginnings Workshop Book

Environments A Beginnings Workshop Book

Author(s): Bonnie Neugebauer (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9780942702422

Binding: Paperback

Published by: Child Care Information Exchange

RRP $53.95

 This collection of articles from the Beginning Workshops section in Exchange – The Early Childhood Leaders’ Magazine features respected authors in the early childhood field such as Jim Greenman, Deb Curtis, Ann Pelo and Rusty Keeler. Also included in this inspiring collection of articles are contributions from experienced Australian practitioners Wendy Shepherd and Jennifer Eaton from Mia-Mia Child and Family Study Centre, Macquarie University Sydney


What Kind of Place for Child Care in the 21st Century
Strategies for Enhancing Children’s Use of the Environment
Designing the Family Child Care Environment
Imagine! Child Care - A Great Place for Teachers, Too

Environments to Engage Children

Creating Invitations for Learning
Emergent Environments: Involving Children in Classroom Design
Great Places to Be a Baby: Infants’ and Toddlers’ Learning Environments
Transforming Environments through Self-reflection

Environments with Families in Mind

From Borders to Bridges: Transforming Our Relationship with Parents
Supporting Multicultural, Multilingual Families
Making Families Welcome
Changes in the Environment through Collaboration
Home-like Environments

Room Arrangement

Creating Environments that Intrigue and Delight Children and Adults
Three Keys to Flexible Room Arrangements
Mood: The Spirit of a Place
Meeting Adults Needs Within the Classroom


The Experience of Space, the Pleasure of Space
Thinking Inside the Box: An Architect Looks at New
Models for Children’s Spaces
Aesthetics in the Classroom Settin
What Makes a Space Work
A Place for Spatial Knowledge in Personal and Social Understand

Outdoor Environments

Are We Losing Ground
Designing and Creating Natural Play Environments for Young Children
Adventure Playgrounds and Outdoor Safety Issues
Trust, the Earth and Children: Birth to Three
Outdoor Magic for Family Child Care Providers
A Play Yard with Action and Adventure
Beyond Ramps: Outdoor Environment to Welcome all Children