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Anti-Bias Education Second Edition

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Anti-Bias Education Second Edition

For Young Children and Ourselves

Author(s): Julie Olsen Edwards, Louise Derman-Sparks (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781928896678

Size: 215mm X 280mm

Published by: National Association for the Education of Young Children

RRP $94.95

This successor to The Anti-Bias Curriculum provides practical guidance to confront and eliminate barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity thus helping staff and children respect each other, themselves, and all people.
Over the last two decades, educators across the nation and around the world have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in anti-bias work. The result is a richer and more nuanced articulation of what is important in anti-bias education. Individual chapters focus on culture and language, racial identity, family structures, gender identity, economic class, different abilities, holidays, and more.


Foreword A Renewed Sense of Hope by Carol Brunson Day
Prologue  A Few Words about This Book
Key Terms

Chapter 1: What Is Anti-Bias Education?

Chapter 2: Childrens Identity Development

Chapter 3: Becoming an Anti-Bias Teacher: A Developmental Journey

Chapter 4: Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Community
Positive interactions with children
Positive relationships with and among families
The visual and material environment
Curriculum planning, including persona dolls

Chapter 5: Learning about Culture, Language, & Fairness

Chapter 6:  Learning about Racial Identity & Fairness

Chapter 7: Learning about Gender Identity & Fairness

Chapter 8: Learning about Economic Class & Fairness

Chapter 9: Learning about Family Structures & Fairness

Chapter 10: Learning about Different Abilities & Fairness

Chapter 11: Learning about Holidays & Fairness

Anti-Bias Education with Other Age Groups
Epilogue - Keeping On Keeping On: the Anti-Bias Journey Continues
Checklist for Assessing the Visual Material Environment
About the Contributing Writers