Thursday 07 December, 2023

Drawing to Learn

Drawing to Learn

Drawing to Learn

Author(s): Dr Margaret Brooks (click on the author's name for more titles)

ISBN: 9781876138622

Binding: Paperback

Published by: Pademelon Press

RRP $74.00

Drawing and artmaking are core to programming in early childhood. We know that children use the arts to make sense of their world. But do we know how this happens and how to best support it? Art is a form of communication, a language. For young children who do not yet read and write it is a primary means of communication. But can we speak this language? Do we fully understand how the arts supports thinking and meaning making for young children? Much of early childhood practice rests upon socio, cultural and historical theories. However, until now there has been no framework for the arts in early childhood that is congruent with these theories. This book effectively addresses this gap in the literature. It is a scholarly work that carefully unpacks the art making processes of young children from a Vygotskian perspective. It illustrates and demonstrates, through stories and samples of children’s art making processes, how drawing and the arts are a leading activity in the development of the child. It links theory with practice to empower educators to support the artistic development of young children. A companion book, ‘Authentic Art with Children’, provides practical guides for art making with children that link these theories with practice. When read in conjunction, they take theory a step further and demonstrate how art studio practices, when braided with socio, cultural, historical theories, provide a powerful tool for learning.