Monday 30 November, 2020
Joy Lubawy Joy was a Teacher at Kurrajong School, Wagga Wagga, for children with additional needs for almost two years and then Teaching-Director at Charles Sturt University Campus preschools for 24 of the next 26 years, followed by a short time at Kingfisher preschool before her retirement from the classroom. She has been a distance educator with Charles Sturt University for 15 years and author and co-author of many successful resource books for early childhood educators. Joy is passionate about the emergent curriculum and has been on a journey of discovery about the ideas coming from Reggio Emilia in an Australian context. She also has a long-term fascination for Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence and its implications in the lives of young children. She is acknowledged as a leader in the field and travels across Australia and New Zealand presenting seminars challenging educators about cute or authentic child-focused programs, the importance of imagination, and how this is made visible in documentation and planning. Joy lives in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, where she runs a consultancy business with her partner, Peter.